Super slim desktop wireless charger 10w quick charging

YMP-X3 desktop wireless charger have silver and black 5w 7.5w 10w fast charging wireless charger.having CE FCC ROHS related certificates.all of wireless charger are support logo and package custom design. Qi desktop wireless charger product size is OD98*6.2mm,Charging distance is 3-8mm. Raw material use 1.Aluminum shell 2.Silk printed acrylic cover. slim design desktop wireless charger output is 9V/1.1A & 5V/1.5A & 5V/1A Desktop wireless charger Compatible with phones as All qi enabled phones for Android and IOS system

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YMP qi wireless charger 5w 7.5w 10w fast charge desktop wireless charger


2018 YMP qi wireless charger 5w 7.5w 10w fast charge desktop wireless charger

Q: wireless charging radiation is harmful??

A: wireless charging pad conforms Qi wireless charging standard using a harmless low-frequency non-ionizing frequency (110-205kHz). The transmission distance of a few millimeters up to 5 watts of energy, and a low impact on the surrounding. And the Qi standard equipment with non-compatible object detection function, so only compatible with Qi standard equipment on the top will trigger charge, and once filled the stop. Any other objects (whether metal or coil) put up will not trigger the charge.

In addition,charging plate with temperature detection function, if it is found that the temperature exceeds the standard stop charging. Users may need to worry. In addition, the use of technology in the water purifier 10 years, security has been verified in dozens of countries. In China, the Ministry of Industry under the EMC testing of (electromagnetic compatibility Communication Quality Supervision and Testing Center) is Qi participants.

Q: wireless charging will affect other wireless devices?

A: No, because the wireless charging frequency used (110-205kHz) and most wireless devices are not a frequency.

Q: wireless charging will cause a great amount of heat it?

A: Under normal use, the charging plate temperature below body temperature. Sometimes the actual use of the temperature will be slightly higher temperature occasionally.

Q: whether frequent charging will shorten battery life?

A: In addition to overcharge the absolute wrong way to charge outside the large number of “charging under different conditions affecting cycle life of lithium batteries,” The results show that “used with the charge / discharge shallow charge and shallow” and “run out and then charge / deep charge deep discharge “compared to the former battery cycle life to be longer. That is not to wait?
until the batteries are exhausted to go charging, rest assured and take full advantage of fragments of time to charge the phone now.

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